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You can turn the television on and flip to any home design show, and you will most likely hear the words “open floor plan”. But, what does it really mean to say a design has an “open floor plan”?

Open floor plans generally refer to the use of large, open spaces and the elimination of small, closed rooms in a floor plan design.

“In residential design, open plan, or open concept, describes the elimination of barriers such as walls and doors that traditionally separated distinct functional areas, such as kitchen, living room, and dining room.” ref. 

The majority of Frusterio floor plans are open. Why do designers and home owners alike, prefer this style of home? Let’s look at some benefits of an open floor plan.

1. Livable Flow

front door
Every day you walk into your home starting at the front door or garage door. You may then head straight to the kitchen for a snack, or make your way to the bedroom to put on your slippers, or casually step to the living room to relax and watch your favorite show. When looking at how your home is designed, it makes sense for there to be a natural flow from room to room. Avoiding unnecessary walls or doors, gives your home the feel of a cohesive, livable space that invites you to relax, unwind and enjoy your family.

2. Visibility

A very common concern held by families living in closed floor plans is visibility. When the parents are preparing food in the kitchen, they need to be able to keep an eye on the little ones.  When a couple is having friends over and preparing a fun appetizer, or mixing drinks, there needs to be the ability to interact with one another. An open floor plan makes all of this possible by opening each space up for constant interactions.

3. Appeal

If you have had the pleasure of viewing a home with a truly open floor plan, there is no denying the visual appeal. The instantaneous feeling of grandeur and beauty embraces you when you walk into a home that has flow, connection and visibility. Do you believe in Love at First Site? We do. That is why so many of our homes are created with an open floor plan.

I do not want to fail to mention, that not all open floor plans are created equal. We pride ourselves in the design of open floor plans in the purest form. Our custom designs reach out to meet the needs of each individual family, giving you the open floor plan your life demands. Thank you for reading!

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