What does your front door say about you? - Frusterio Design

There is a contest going on right now, put on by Popular Mechanics Magazine, for the “Ugliest Front Door in America.”


13 submissions deemed to be truly hideous are offered to be voted on for the title of “Ugliest Front Door in America.” These people don’t wonder what their front door is saying about them, they know their doors are awful. So what does your front door say about you? There are many notions about a front door. Paint it red to make people feel welcome, like a welcoming mat or the ever present pineapple. Paint it a shade to blend with your home, or paint it a bright shade to make it “pop.” Others think it should be stained wood and give it a natural look.

But what does all this say about you? It says a lot. Doors are essential to curb appeal, and if you are building, you’re going to invest a good deal in a door. You can spend anywhere from $1000 to $20,000+ on a door. So if you’re going to invest that much, the right choice is important.

Your door should fit with the style and “look” of your house. If you have a very “old world” style home, a wood door with rustic detailing is appropriate. If you have a french styled house with turrets and palladian windows, a wrought iron door with intricate detailing would work well.

When we design a home, we think about each detail as part of a whole that must work together to form a unified design. Each home’s rendering includes suggestions for materials and finishes…and front doors.

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