Weekend Reading List - Frusterio Design

Welcome back to the Frusterio Design Blog! Today I wanted to share with you some fun weekend reading. As I have mentioned before, I enjoy reading light and easy pieces over the weekend as I relax in my garden with a cup of tea. I base these weekend reading lists around that concept.

This week I am specifically bringing you articles about Green or Sustainable Architecture. Enjoy!

1. A Church Made of Trees


Barry Cox designed this lovely structure in New Zealand while embarking on world travel. Read this short, but well written article about his amazing concept and see more lovely pictures head over to My Modern Met. 

2. Green Hotel


This sustainable hotel in Singapore is breathtaking! Hop over to DECOIST to read more and see lots of incredible photos of this green space in a busy city.

3. Bamboo Homes

bamboo house edited

If you have not heard of Elora Hardy, you are missing out! This talented architect is designing homes based around traditional home concepts in Indonesia completely out of Bamboo. Read more about her amazing work at IBIKU.


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