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One of this year’s big trends in the home design world is walk in pantries. Many house plans feature these luxurious rooms, but why should you consider having one in your home design?

1. Conserve Kitchen Space

Kitchen space is precious. When designing your ideal kitchen, you want to have plenty of space to hold your dishes and towels and small kitchen appliances. Having a separate dedicated space for your food to be well organized, which brings us to the next point.

2. Organization

By having plenty of space that includes shelves, cabinets and drawers, it is much simpler to organize all of your food. No more rummaging around through different cabinets, looking for that box of crackers that are in the very back of the top cabinet in the kitchen. Everything will be laid out perfectly neat and easily accessible.

3. Extra Counter Space

Imagine its your son’s graduation party. You have booked an awesome caterer to handle all of the food and give yourself the ability to actually enjoy the party. The caterer gets there and wants to lay out all of the food on your kitchen counters. The kitchen is also going to be the prime place for folks to gather as they munch on snacks and snag drinks from the fridge (they are teenagers after all). In comes the walk in pantry. The extra counter space can act as a great catering spot for get togethers and free up all the space in the kitchen!

If you still aren’t convinced why a walk in pantry is a great choice in your home design, perhaps a few of these pictures will change your mind. Enjoy!

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walk in pantry 4

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walkin pantry

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