Trend: Clients Want Better not Bigger Houses - Frusterio Design

Not too long ago, clients wanted bigger and bigger when it came to house plans. It was not as important to pay attention to the tiny details, as it was to make sure that they had a certain size master or a giant great room.

While many still want large houses, the major trend is towards attention to detail. As tastes have evolved, so have preferences. Clients are now willing to sacrifice square footage in order to get that fabulous granite or to create coffered ceilings in the great room. It’s the details that sell the plans these days.

As buyers become more educated through experience and the ease of viewing options on the internet, they become more savvy about what they want. They begin to realize that it makes a huge difference if the height of the windowsills flows with the height of the wainscoting.

These preferences are driving the trends in the business. Going all out on a house doesn’t always mean building a huge mansion, it can now mean building a modest but spacious 3000 sq ft home decked out with molding, trim, raised ceilings, granite, and beautiful reclaimed hardwood floors. 

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