Top 3 Reasons to Have a Mud Room - Frusterio Design

Many modern day homes are designed with the great feature of a mud room. What are the benefits of this small area? Why should you consider having one in your home?

1. Eliminates Clutter


The Inspired Room

When arriving home from work or school, the first thing you want to do is drop all of your heavy things; book bag, computer case, purse, gym bad, etc. The mudroom provides a fantastic space to place all of your items without cluttering up your main living areas.

2. Helps Keep Floors Clean


Sincerely Sara D.

Coming into the house from a long hike, a day’s work in the yard or a family trip to the lake can lead to really filthy floors. Having a mud room area to drop off your dirty shoes and clothes is not only convenient, but helps to keep the rest of the floors in your home clean.

3. Contain Animal Smells


The Decorologist

The pup is a welcome and loving part of your family, but his smells may not be as pleasing as his love and affection. Many modern day mud rooms come equipped with a full pet bath area. These spaces provide a separate spot to clean the pup and keep the other bathrooms in the house pet-free!

The mud room is a very diverse space and can be equipped to meet all of your family’s needs. What is most important to you in a drop area?

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