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Home buyers have become more particular and are taking their time to find the “perfect house”. No longer are home buyers looking for just a roof over their head. They are looking for the house they can call a home with charming curb appeal and a floor plan that is both livable and conducive for entertaining.

These new discriminative buyers are patient and looking for a home that will make them feel unique with a floor plan that is custom to their needs. This will be the challenge to the speculative home builders who need to cater to their future clientele. No longer can a builder build the same homes over and over again only changing paint color and brick and expect it to sell quickly.

The current economy may be slowing the home sales, however I believe that the homeowner market has stopped settling for the typical home and now taking more time to search for a home they are willing to invest their money into. Homeowners do not mind paying more for what they like, the problem is that they are not finding what they are looking for so they put off buying until they find it. They may also make low offers to a seller who may not have a home exactly what they want but make it up by justifying a low offer.

The new generation of homes have the charm of generations past. The small attention to detail and uniqueness that says “this is my home” and stands out by its charm and not by the address on the mailbox. Smaller, Smarter, Simple and Sophisticated floor plans designed for entertaining and living in every room, every day without compromise. Remember the “4 S” theory of the new generation of homes.

As the market recovers the New Generation of Home Buyers will be out in full force. If they don’t find what they are looking for they will wait patently until they do.

Chuck Frusterio

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