The Master Bath Redefined - Frusterio Design

Bathrooms have come a long way. Take a look into a house built a few decades ago and you will see stark differences from homes currently being built. Bathrooms of the past were more or less necessary afterthoughts. They were usually small, cramped and just held the basics. Many times there was no such thing as a master bath, but if there was one, it was possibly only slightly larger but still nothing grand.

Now compare that with how we view bathrooms today. Talking especially about the master bath, it is one of the deal breakers on a house. Everyone wants an over-sized master bath with double sinks, lots of counter space, cabinets, whirlpool tub, extra-large walk-in shower and guest bedroom sized closet attached. We are also currently seeing the trend of connecting the laundry room (or possibly a small secondary laundry room) to the master bath, so that you can simply walk through a door to drop off your towel. Bathrooms of today are for living.

And that is only the layout. It is not uncommon to see terrazzo floors, imported marble counter tops, top notch cabinetry, faux finished walls, expensive stone showers, and high-end fixtures. Some baths even have flat screened TV’s, stereo systems, and fire places.

If you want to get creative and find ideas that will not only enhance the luxury of the bathroom for yourself, but also create a unique part of your master suite that will appeal to buyers when you sell, take a look at the pictures below for inspiration.

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