The Importance of a Professional Architectural Photographer - Frusterio Design

gra150917_064gra150917_015One of the most fulfilling aspects of designing homes is seeing the completed project. The small niches, vaulted ceilings and windows that were specifically thought out on paper, finally seen as we have imagined them in our heads. Simply due to the logistics of various homes being built in various locations and different timelines, we are unable to see all of our finished homes in person. We are excited when we receive photos throughout and after the homes construction. When a home is shot by a professional architectural photographer, our excitement is taken to a new level. These artists see the details of the home and represent them in their photographs as they were intended to be seen. We have had the honor of having many of our homes shot in this manner. One such photographer we have had the pleasure of working with is Tommy Daspit. He recently posted a blog on his site which gives a behind-the scenes look at the steps he took to shoot one of our homes. The initial shot to the final photo transformation is quite impressive. Take a look and we would love to hear if you feel the same. Thanks! Adam

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