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When thinking of designing a dream home, many people think first of the inside floor plan- how they will design their kitchen, master bathroom and family great room. While the inside of your dream home is of the utmost importance, it is essential that you do not neglect your exterior.

In home design, the exterior of your home is called the “elevations”. There are four elevations, front, right, left and rear. At Frusterio, we hold the exterior of a home in very high regard. The exterior of your home will be the first thing you see every day when coming home. It will be the backdrop for all of your outdoor family time, gardening, and parties.

Many modern home designs will be created with a lovely interior, but less than quality elevations. We aim for our designs to make you fall in love at first sight, by designing each elevation: front, right, left and rear to have a powerful wow factor and fit with the home owners style.

We would love for you to view some of our favorite exteriors we have designed in the photos below and let us know what factors you think play into making an elevation special. We will be back next Monday to share our own thoughts on designing the perfect exterior for your home.



Mediterranean Home Liberty ParkFront mid-construction



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  1. It’s obvious that you put lots of care into your homes. I was in love with every single one of these the second I saw the pictures. Thanks for posting.

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