The Importance of a Home’s Exterior: Part 2 - Frusterio Design

Today we want to continue our two part series on what makes a great exterior. As we mentioned last week, your home’s exterior plays a huge role in the overall beauty of the home.

1. Creativity

In designing the exterior of your home, it should be unique and full of character. It should represent your tastes and preferences. And most importantly, it should look beautiful! All four elevations of the home should have unique features and lovely style.

Mediterranean Home Liberty Park

2. Balance

In home design, you will often see a home that has a nice front elevation, and then the other three sides of the home seem to be completely neglected. One window on an entire elevation as the only feature should be a crime! The front, right, left and rear of your home’s exterior should all be balanced. They should fit together like a puzzle where one piece leads to the next.

Front mid-construction

3. Livability

And lastly, the exterior of a home should fit perfectly with the interior. There is no need to make large sacrifices to the interior floor plan just to get a certain aesthetic on the exterior. Exterior beauty can always be created in a practical way for your lifestyle.

DSC_0013Your home should be creative, balanced and livable. These are just a few factors that go into creating a wonderful exterior!

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