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Welcome back to the Frusterio Design Blog. Today we want to share with you the benefits of having a well thought out grand foyer. In designing a home many owners think first of the kitchen, the master bedroom, or the outdoor living space. But, the foyer plays an important role in the home as well.


Your foyer is the first thing one sees when entering the home. It will set the tone for the entire house. Does the foyer make you feel welcome and cozy or closed off and confused? The perfect foyer will invite you in and entice you to enjoy the rest of the home.

The entryway of the home is more than the place you first pass through. A great foyer will flow smoothly into the rest of the home and connect each room. The perfect foyer will bring cohesion to the entire home.


An amazing foyer should be more than a lovely light fixture or gorgeous vaulted ceilings. It plays a vital role in elevating the look of the entire home. It should not simply bring attention to itself, but should highlight and bring focus to other quality features in the home. For instance when walking into a truly wonderful foyer you may notice a chandelier that immediately draws the eyes to a lovely piece of art in the great room. Or as you enter the home you enjoy the high ceilings of the foyer that highlight lovely french doors that lead into the adjacent office.

Although the grand foyer of a home is not always the first thought in designing a home, it is a very important feature in having a warm and inviting home that you look forward to enjoying every day.

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