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Floral is everywhere this season! Pants, shirts, shoes. All in floral! But, floral is making a presence in more places than just the runway. Many homeowners are incorporating floral in unique ways. Here are three of my favorite decor styles this year and how they are taking advantage of the floral trend.

Vintage Floral

The vintage decor style has been gaining popularity for several years now. The concept of mixing something classic with more modern decor seems to be here to stay. Floral tends to take a more bold approach in the vintage style as seen here in the fabric on these vintage-chic chairs.

floral chairs

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Minimalist Floral

With the ever growing popularity of sites like Etsy, minimalist decor is becoming very common in today’s homes. Floral has a much more subtle presence in this decor style. Simple accents such as the throw pillows seen in this photo are a lovely way to add color and life to minimalism.

Floral Pillow

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Rustic Floral

Rustic design is popular in all sorts of homes from mountain getaways to family lake homes. Floral gives a nod to the country lifestyle in rustic design. It can be found in pieces such as curtains and quilts as seen in this photo.

country floral


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

No matter your exact taste in home decor, floral can be a great addition to the look of  your home this Spring and Summer. Do you use floral often in your seasonal decor? Or year round? We would love to hear from you.

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