Southern Living Renovation Idea House - Frusterio Design

Southern Living commissioned Frustero Design, Inc. to design their first ever Renovation Idea House in Mountain Brook, Alabama. The result was the transformation of a 1930s ranch house into a charming and livable work of art known as The Greywell Cottage. To date, this timeless home still commands the attention of its admirers.
The original choppy floor plan of the home was redesigned to provide an ideal flowing space while still capturing the original exterior charm of its 1930s conception. Extra space was also integrated within the structure of the roof through dormers and gables providing a third floor space with attic windows for an intimate refuge from the business of a demanding household.
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Due to the interest gained from the renovation, our firm created a custom home, The Manchester, with minor changes that the parameters of the existing house would not allow. The timeless design continues to be a popular plan of choice, over a decade later. For more information, contact us. Thanks for reading!

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