Shutters…Still as Beautiful as Ever - Frusterio Design

Do you dream of having plantation shutters in your new home? If you do, you are not alone. They are one of the coveted must-haves in many new homes and rate up there with hardwood floors for many. Not only do they serve as a beautiful window dressing, they are extremely functional for light control. When you make the jump from blinds to shutters, you immediately get a totally different look. While not everyone is as big of a fan as I am, there are many who share my point of view. With shutters, you’re windows won’t look so bland if you do not have any draperies. However, they do not dominate a window in such a way that you cannot have draperies…by all means have draperies (another thing I am a fan of, but that is another blog).

Take a look at a beautiful example of the use of shutters. This actually comes from the Coral Sands Hotel in the Bahamas. Interior Design magazine did an article on the work of designer David Flint Wood at the resort. Notice how they used the shutters on a standard window, as well as floor length shutters that open accordion style to the patio. These shutters are from the Palm Beach collection from Hunter Douglas.

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