Renovations: An Allegory - Frusterio Design

A Bearable Renovation

Several years have past since we last heard from our friends the three bears. Life has been treating them pretty well; Papa Bear and his partner Mr. Stearns had had some ups and downs, but then again, haven’t we all in this economy? Momma Bear was active socially, and especially loved entertaining in her lovely kitchen, having other bear friends over for porridge tastings and such. And Baby Bear was advancing right along in all things bear, learning to growl, and stand upright, and puff out his chest.

Yes, life for the bear family was going pretty well. Of course there had been some setbacks. There was that one incident of home invasion when the over-zealous girl named Goldilocks from down the street came over and pilfered through their things, but for the most part, all was well.

But the bears were not content. Mama Bear had taken up pilates, and Papa Bear was coming to the conclusion that he could do just as much work from home as he could from his office. And of course little Baby Bear wasn’t so little anymore, and he wanted more room so his cub scout troop buddies could come over and play. And with people just walking in on the bears, in addition to more space they surely needed more security.

So Papa Bear decided, after much thought, to renovate rather than build a new home. His reasons were well thought-out: he would add value to his home and wouldn’t be burdened with selling the place his family loved to call home.

One night, while Papa Bear was sitting in his hard chair and Mama Bear in her soft chair, Papa Bear asked, “where do we begin?” “Well, we know we want more rooms, and that we need more space, but we really need help. Let’s call Frusterio.” And so, the next day, Mama Bear and Papa Bear and even Baby Bear met the nice designers from Frusterio at their bear house to begin to discuss all of the changes they wanted to make. Measurements were taken this way and that, notes were scribbled, and sketches drawn out.

From the top of the roof to the basement floor, everything was gone over and then over some more. Frusterio was so thorough with questions and such that the bears knew all of their needs had been met.

So drawings were made and plans were made up, builders came in and did what builders do,and the bears cozy home became something new, something transformed.

Now, Papa Bear could work from home if he wished, Mama Bear had room for Pilates in her new exercise room, and the new play loft was perfect for Baby Bear and his little cub friends.

And, in the end, since she had brought them so much fame, the bears felt they owed Goldilocks something, so when they installed their new security system, they programmed in a code especially for her. And now, instead of trespassing, the bears have put Goldilocks to work, babysitting little Baby Bear while Mama and Papa go for walks in the woods.

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