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As someone who loves design and knows what I like, I sometimes have to remind myself what it is like to be a client who is new to all the choices there are to make and how it feels to be completely overwhelmed. I am working on a project at the moment where the age old delima of what colors to paint the walls is the hardest part of the whole project.

For me, in my own home, I usually pull out a fan deck, select 2-3 colors that I think might work (because I already have a direction in my head that I want to pursue) and hold them up to the wall at morning, noon, and night to see how the light changes them. After that, I pick the one I like and I’m done. But for clients who are not so in tune with what they want and don’t have the experience to visualize what that color will look like when it covers the entire room, this can be an agonizing experience. Even when you have a decorator to help you, it can still be difficult to commit.

I have run into this problem lately and it is a tough one to overcome because the client has to trust your decision and that is hard for some people to do. I thought about how to make this easier for clients as well as myself. So I have put together a list of several Sherwin Williams paint colors that I have used numerous times on projects and that I know ALWAYS look great.

SW6165 Connected Gray: A subtle olive green that will not overwhelm a space but will give some richness of color.

SW6163 Grassland: A lighter green that will give a pretty fresh look with out turning mint or lime.

SW6173 Cocoon: A very deep olive green when you want to have some drama of color. This looks great in a powder room or painted on a coffered ceiling.

SW6083 Sable:  A rich chocolate brown. I have seen this painted on doors instead of the usual white and it looks great.

SW6151 Quiver Tan: A great brown/tan that will give more punch than beige, but won’t overwhelm.

SW6149 Relaxed Khaki: The best beige and a great neutral.

SW6119 Antique White:  A beautiful alternative to white white. This looks great painted on base boards and mouldings or done on cabinets.

SW6121 Whole Wheat: A goldish tan that looks great painted throughout hallways or in a kitchen, etc when you don’t want much color but do want something cheerful.

SW7679 Golden Gate: A dramatic goldish yellow that will look very rich without coming off too yellow or gaudy.

Check out your local Sherwin Williams paint store for samples of these colors.

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  1. What ceiling colors do you use with Connected Gray. We’ve been told not white so do you use the lightest color on the strip or ?? and what cabinet color in the cream line?

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