Out with Rec Rooms, In With Media Rooms - Frusterio Design

In the past, rec rooms were a highly popular request when building a home. They were used as children’s play areas, pool and game rooms, etc. But with the increase in technology and big screen tv’s and media equipment becoming more affordable and accessible, the rec room has been replaced by the media room. Often it is mixed use, with one side having media equipment and the other side housing a pool table.

Birmingham Home and Garden Magazine had a few helpful tips when planning a media room:

Erase the thought that media rooms require large spaces: no space is too small. You can make great theaters out of small rooms.

Figure out your priorities: Will you watch more movies or sports on your big screen? The way you plan to use it will affect the technology you decide to buy.

This is a major investment and you want it done right: pick a media specialist you can trust. It must be someone who understands media rooms.

Make sure you understand how to work your new equipment: the system you choose should be easy to use. If it’s not simple to use, you’re not going to use it.

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