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As is traditional, the new President and First-Lady receive an allowance of $100,000 to redecorate their private quarters in the white house. This money comes from American tax dollars, i.e. yours and mine. In a time when we are all having to get creative financially and everyone is learning the value of saving and being financially secure all over again, it seems a little excessive to give the new President $100,000 for some new furniture. Apparently, the Obamas agree. They have declined to use the money allotted and have stated that they will fund their redecorating ventures with their own personal money. Decorator to the stars, Michael S. Smith, will be hired for the job and the cost of the project will remain private due to their decision to pay for everything themselves.

I think this is a great example that the President is setting. Far be it from anyone to say that he shouldn’t redecorate if he wants and can afford to. I, however, definitely appreciate his sensitivity to the desperate situations that many Americans are finding themselves in by declining to use their money to fund something they could not do for themselves at this time.

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