Obama’s Re-decorate the White House - Frusterio Design

There are many, many serious issues surrounding the next Presidency. From the historic nature of the election, to the economic problems that Barack Obama will have to deal with.

But, let’s not forget the time-honored and purely fun and exciting traditions that accompany the inauguration of a new President.

Each First Family has had the honor of supervising the refurbishing and re-decorating of the White House. From restoring rooms and public spaces to the tradition of re-designing the oval office rug. In addition, each First Lady, picks out or designs a new pattern of china to be used during her husband’s time in office.

Nancy Reagan was famously criticized after she commissioned Lenox to design a custom set of fine china for 220 people for a price tag of $210,399!

While we will have to wait for the inauguration to see what changes and choices the Obama family will make, it is without a doubt that the stylish Michelle Obama will indeed leave some personal touches on the White House residence and will have the help of the best designers in Washington.

Here are a few photos of the White House with the updates from George W. Bush and Laura Bush.

Check out this article from Fox News for more information on the transformation process.

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