Modern Design in Birmingham, Alabama?

Modern Design in Birmingham, Alabama?

I have had the pleasure of working with several clients throughout their project, here at Frusterio. One of the best reasons to work with Chuck Frusterio, is because he designs an excellent custom home. I have had meetings with him and a client with nothing but a stack of magazine clippings and before the hour is over, Chuck will very calmly explain that he already has exactly what the client wants in his head. Amazing talent and amazing knowledge of the building process combine to make the client’s dream home a reality.

An additional thing I have noticed in home design in this area of the country is the lack of desire for modern architecture. I have subscribed to a few blogs, and one really caught my eye this morning in regards to design. WebUrbanist showcases architecture and alternative art and this particular post showcased some beautiful and interesting modern architecture.

Now I have a question- why is this not popular in our area? The homes are functional and efficient, beautiful and one of a kind- so, why aren’t people requesting them here? Is it because we are traditional in our values and also traditional in our architecture? Are there more modern homes that I don’t know about?

Post your thoughts and comments about this and why we like what we do.

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