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Don’t let your laundry become an afterthought. Traditionally, it is not a very exciting room, but it is definitely one you will be spending some time in on a regular basis. Make it a place you want to be. Just a little extra thought and creativity can go a long way to making your laundry room something beautiful and also making it function for more uses than just caring for your clothing.

If you are limited on space and must have your laundry in a corner or a wall and not actually in a room, consider hiding it with cabinets doors or curtains. These will add a little punch to your room, while still concealing the washer and dryer inside.

If you have the space to have a nice-sized laundry room, consider making it multi-functional. Decide what activities you would like to have a place for and incorporate them into this room. If you need space for wrapping gifts, consider making a separate counter for this and mount dowels for storing ribbon within easy reach. Also remember to allow for wrapping paper storage and drawers for tape, gift bags, hang tags, etc.

If you are into arts and crafts, or perhaps homeschool your children and need a place to store supplies and work on projects, create an island with drawers for storage and adequate counter space for projects.

Those who sew may find this is a great room to set up a sewing center.

If you are building, put some thought into how to make the most of this room for your needs. If you are not building, but simply updating what you have, consider making some quick changes that will enhance your room and possibly even make it more functional. Simple things like extra shelving above, a rod for hanging wet clothes, and bins for sorting laundry will make a world of difference.

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