Laminate Flooring = Ewww …… Not Anymore - Frusterio Design

Remember your grandmother’s brown and browner checkerboard linoleum kitchen floor? You know, the one where the seams were visible and the glue no longer stuck at the edges? Well I do. Which is exactly why I turned my nose up at the thought of putting….gasp….laminate hardwood flooring in my home. After all, I got my degree in Interior Design so I must know better. Unfortunately for me, right now hardwood floors don’t make sense in my little starter home I share with my husband of 4 months. We would never see a return on an investment like that. And it’s important to factor in whether or not you can get your money back whenever you do any kind of home improvement.

So I headed on down to my local Home Depot and to my surprise, it wasn’t that bad. Actually, I really liked it. It looks great and it’s not obvious at all that it isn’t the real thing unless you get right up on it. After that I started noticing laminate hardwood flooring all over the place…most surprisingly in the great room of a very expensive bed and breakfast cottage where I stayed for a wedding.

But the best feature….it’s HALF the price. Sometimes more than half. A great site to check out is They have both laminate hardwood and good old regular hardwood. Or you can be like me and go to Home Depot…12 months interest free anyone?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m working up to real hardwoods. But everyone likes to know about great cost saving alternatives when you don’t want or can’t afford to go for the pricey stuff.

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