Introduction… - Frusterio Design

I have always wanted to have a blog, but never thought I would have the time or ability to maintain it or a direction to take it. Now I do. I work for an amazing company that understands the importance of the internet and we have an awesome team that maintains it and will help boost our productivity on the web to a new level. And now, I can be on the team too! YAY.

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Catie and I am a project consultant here at Frusterio. I work for the people who come to us and want something new and different or classic or modern in a home plan. It’s amazing to work in a field where there are no limitations to the creativity of how I can help and serve the people I work for and with.

Home design is an amazing field that allows anyone to be able to imagine the possibilities of a house and transform them into a home that will last forever. It is amazing to drive through downtown, (which me and Amy, our office manager do often) and see the history of a city through the design of a typical home. To imagine that in years to come, people could see a design that you thought of and appreciate it as a part of history. It allows you to think of your home as a personal fingerprint of you and your family that will be evident for years to come.

I am excited about what I do and how I can help those around me. If you have any questions about anything, feel free to contact me and respond to anything I post.

I am also looking forward to writing more as my experiences with Frusterio progresses. I am always learning more about this field and I hope to continue to do so.

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