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It can be an intimidating and overwhelming thing. You and your family have decided to begin a project that will result in a home truly yours. So let’s begin.

There are basically 2 categories of establishments that can work with you on a custom home design: an architectural firm or a residential design firm.

You will hear the good, the bad and the ugly of both. Let us explore these, shall we?

Architectural Design Firm:

Architecture is a very specific and meticulous craft. It takes years to be educated in the art of architecture. The studys are intense and the result is, most of the time, a masterpiece. The uniqueness of their work is so specific that they only use a plan once. They will spend months upon months on your plan and their creativity will push the limits of what you thought a home could be. Most architectural drawings are so detailed that the sets are 20+ pages long.

However, this expert advice will come at a price. Usually a quite significant price. Architects also tend to have their own idea of what your home should be as well. Their flexibility may be somewhat limited not only in the end product, but during the process as well.

Residential Design Firm:

Residential Design is the evident art of living. You live in your home. You bring your kids home from school, you get home from work, back from vacation, lounging on a Saturday, LIVING in your home. We specialize in making that “living” conducive to your lifestyle, not anyone else, but you. We have Project Consultants that focus on you and your needs throughout the project process. They will ask you questions about your way of life and how you live. All this will be combined with the creativity of a home designer and done within a time frame that is fairly expedient compared to most. On average, the residential design firm will be significantly less than an architect, while still giving you a superior product: your home.

We do have our own thorns, we are also strict about the availability of the product. We protect ourselves and you, the one investing in it. We are also selective in what we do. We have a market and we focus on them, we do not try to be everything to everybody. We know what sells and what will enrich the investment of owning a home. We aim to help you and not hurt you. Trends will happen and some say that our designs are too similar. It is called what will sell. It is quite popular with our clients, but we also think outside the box, just take a look at our concept plan page at

The choice is yours. It is all about what will work best for you and your family. Good luck.

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