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Goldilocks and the Pre-Designed House Plan

Always prone to wander, and one never to learn her lesson, Goldilocks returned to the home of the three bears one crisp Autumn day. It was from this very house she had run not so many days earlier, terrified by the family of bears staring down at her as she tried out the comfort factor of the little bear’s bed.

She was drawn back by many things, but her first memories were of the kitchen, where she took that first steaming bite of porridge. She was drawn there by memories of the bears’ warm, inviting kitchen, and memories of the granite and stainless and copper she remembered from her first trip through their home.

As Goldilocks perused the layout of the kitchen of the three bears, she was struck by their exceedingly good taste. This admiration spilled over into the living room and bedroom as well. “What attention to detail!” she exclaimed. “They thought of everything!” For even in this humble bear home were features built in to make the bears’ house theirs. There were custom nooks for honey pots, a walk-in porridge pantry, and even a fish chiller. “This house is all bear, and that just will not do. I must have a place to call my own.”

Perplexed, Goldilocks continued her trespassing, walking from room to room, noting this and that and several other things along the way. “This house flows so well,” thought Goldilocks. Hoping that she, too, might someday have a house as well designed as this one, she made a mental picture of the high ceilings, large foyer and the barrel vault. The kitchen’s island was large and functional, providing the perfect place for porridge to cool. If only she knew of some way to make her ideas for her own house become a reality.

Overwhelmed by her choices, but knowing certain things she did like, she searched for a place in the bears’ home where she could sit and ponder her options. What was she to do? She couldn’t dare ask the bears, for if they found her meddling around their home again, they would be sure to gobble her up. Knowing that the bears would be gone for a little while longer, Goldilocks sat in Baby Bear’s window seat and stared out at the big oak tree in the backyard, orange and yellow leaves falling gently to the ground.

And as she sat and daydreamed in the coziest of nooks, an idea fluttered into her mind. She had remembered last fall, when the leaves fell, she didn’t know what to do to clear them away. As the leaves begin to whirl, in her mind begin to unfurl a notion, a simple idea, that shocked and awed her and brought her great cheer. “A plan is what I need!” little Goldilocks exclaimed, and she scurried and scampered and out of the bears’ house she came. Full of ideas, of hope and good cheer, Goldilocks realized her new home was near!

But where to begin? There were so many options. She studied and pondered and her mind went to wander, but when it came back she exclaimed with delight,”The house I want is there in plain sight! I’ve seen it, I know it, and changes are few. But to whom do I go to tell my dreams to?” “I’ve heard there are people,” she said to herself, “who know about houses and gables and shelves. There must be someone in this whole great big world who could help my ideas finally unfurl.” So she searched and she pondered and scoured the web, and quite soon realized she was over her head.

“I need a professional, someone helpful and true, who will give me advice on just what to do!”

She had heard of a place with a great reputation whom she felt could surely help out this situation. The name of Frusterio soon came to mind, and she went off to see them, knowing things would be fine. And to her surprise as she walked in the office, the people were friendly and warm and inviting.

A kind consultant carried her through all the questions and steps of just what she would do. They looked at some plans, the bears’ plan at first, but knew without changes the house would be bland. “It’s not really what I wanted at all,” Goldilocks exclaimed as she started to bawl. “There’s a wall I don’t want, and it won’t fit my plot, and I don’t need space for twelve honey pots!”

She was told not to worry and soon she relaxed, the team at Frusterio having the knowledge she lacked. They looked high and low in lots of cool places and found several plans that would make perfect spaces for our little planner and home-owner-to-be that made her quite giddy and she shouted with glee, “this home’s not for bears, this home is for me!” After scribbling and drawing, erasing and plotting she began to see the home she’d been wanting appear on the page right before her blue eyes, and all of it came with such a surprise.

“You’ve captured my dream house, the things that I like, with none of those niches that all smelled like pike.” “I can go to my own house, and be perfectly fine, now that the bears will have their house and I will have mine.”

Through revisions, refinements, erasures and lines, the house plans took form, and all in good time. The people were helpful, the drawings looked grand, and soon she had placed them in her builder’s hand. Construction begin with timbers and joists, transoms and corbels and landings of course. She knew she had done right, her house would be fine, but something was missing, and that was a sign.

A sign she had wanted and make it she did that said “Bears are most welcome, even if I’m not here!”

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