Homewood Craftsman - Frusterio Design

Our firm contacted a few months back by a couple awaiting the arrival of their first baby. They wanted a custom home designed to flow well and accommodate the needs of their growing family. They were drawn to the charm and details of a classic Craftsman style. They chose to demolish an existing home in the quaint city of Homewood AL, and build their new home on the property. The 2,800 sq. ft. open floor plan has the master and guest suite on the main floor. The kitchen is open to the Living Room and is separated by a large island. The living room opens onto the rear covered porch through telescopic doors, blurring the lines between inside and out. The second floor has two additional bedrooms off of the upper loft as well as an exercise room.
Tommy Daspit beautifully photographed the completed home . Willow Homes was chosen to build the home, and did a wonderful job. Here are a few photos from the existing home through the constrution process.
image1 (1)
Existing Home-Pre-demolished.
Mid-Construction Front Elevation
Mid-Construction Foyer-to-Living Room View
Mid-Construction Living Room-to-Rear Porch View (Opening will be telescopic sliding doors)
Mid-Construction Living Room-to-Kitchen View
Mid-construction Rear Elevation

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