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If you are a home designer/builder/architect/interior deisgner etc. or a homeowner planning your future dream home, and have not heard of Houzz, you need to check it out! I can already tell this is going to come off like Houzz put me us to writing this. That isn’t the case, but we have been using the site for a few years now as a resource and have been overwhelmed at its helpfulness to our firm and our clients.

I have often equated Houzz to clients unfamiliar with it as “Pinterest” but only relating to house stuff. We use it primarily as a place to showcase our portfolio of work, networking with prospective builders and developers and as a means to interact with clients and view their “wishlists” while designing their homes.

Prior to Houzz, it was commonplace for clients to bring in scrapbooks of magazine clippings (which we still welcome) and print offs from websites where they found ideas. Now we direct clients to browse Houzz for different exteriors/rooms/finishes etc. to aid in the design process. We often find photos and can share with clients to get their thoughts as well.

Houzz is now my first stop when searching recommended sub-contractors when requested by clients. The Find a Pro feature has proved immensely helpful in connecting clients with builders in areas where we do not currently have a relationship. We have been able to develop business relationships with new clients outside of our home location as well.

Houzz maintains high standards in regards to the picture quality and client reviews that are allowed. The site is extremely user-friendly and the initial profile creating process is super easy. and they maintain high standards in regards to the picture quality and client reviews that are allowed. To land this plane, go to Houzz and set up an account. I am sure you will enjoy it!

If you are a Houzz user, or you go and take a look after reading this, I’d love to hear your thoughts as well!


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