Geography-inspired interior design - Frusterio Design

Wallpaper, plates and cushions are just a few of the household items that can increasingly be seen sporting designs based on maps.

That is according to Home Shopping Spy, the interior trends blog by Ideal Home, which suggested that geography is ‘finally cool’.

Design-conscious shoppers may have noticed that maps are appearing on all manner of household items, aside from the obvious ones such as globes and wall charts.

Wallpaper decorated with world maps and ornaments such as bespoke map plates and platters were singled out by the blog as some of the top geography-inspired pieces making the rounds at present.

It’s not just oceans and continents that are being used to decorate home furnishings.

Representations of cities and even public transportation systems – such as the iconic London Underground map – can be found sprawled out across cushions, mirrors and deck chairs.

This year has also seen an invasion of butterflies, insects and various other creepy crawlies into the design of home furnishings.


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