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Today we want to share with you some of favorite genius storage ideas from Pinterest. These are absolutely brilliant!

All Photos Courtesy of Pinterest

kitchen cabinet storage


Are you tired of rummaging around trying to find the lid for that one size pot? This idea is brilliant. We love this idea because it allows you to use your kitchen space in the best way possible.


kitchen storage


If you have ever had that problem of sponges sitting in the bottom of the sink and getting icky, this storage solution is for you! It makes great use of small space and allows your sponges a mold free environment to stay dry.

pet storage


Pets need storage too! This adorable pet station is not only functional, but acts as an adorable furniture piece when it is not in use.

stair storage


Secret storage is an understatement for this brilliant storage solution. Building these cabinets under the staircase makes great use of a space that is, sometimes forgotten about.

bathroom storage

This lovely, modern storage idea is filled with possibilities. This would be marvelous for keeping kids things in a shared guest bathroom. It would also worked wonderfully for small towels, toiletries or extra toilet paper! All safely placed out of sight.

We hope you have enjoyed learning about some of our favorite genius storage ideas from Pinterest today! Join us Friday for our Weekend Reading List!


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