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Happy Monday, everyone! We would like to ask you a simple question today. Have you seen our Houzz page?


Recently we have been making updates to our profile and adding new projects to our portfolio. We would love for you to stop in. Let us know what you think!

Houzz is an interactive website dedicated to everything “Home”. There are many features, but some of our favorites are the Find A Pro search option, The Advice Section, The Idea Books and The Stories.

The Find A Pro search option allows users to find a professional for whatever they may need- anything from roofing, cabinetry, home design, interior design and much more.

The Advice Section is an interactive forum that allows users to ask questions and get advice from other Houzzers or from professionals.

The Idea Books allow users to find photos they like and add them to one central location. For instance, a user may have one Idea Book entitled “Kitchen Ideas”, where they save images of kitchens that inspire them. We find this tool particularly helpful. It gives us the opportunity to follow a client whom we are designing a home for and see what types of photos inspire them.

The Stories on Houzz are always entertaining. There are features on everything you can imagine- landscape design, color trends, house plans, and much more.

We hope you have enjoyed learning a little bit about Houzz. Please stop by and see us!

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