From Traditional to Modern - Frusterio Design

Today we would like to take you back to one of our favorite designs. This home started as a lovely, traditional home with a floor plan that was a little closed off. The owners decided to do a remodel and the results are pretty incredible. Today, we would like to specifically focus your attention on some before and afters of the kitchen.


The former kitchen was closed off from the family room.




The new plan opened up the family room to the kitchen making for a much more inviting space.







The new cabinets are African sapele wood. This particular wood is usually chosen for its unique color and the wide variety of figured grain patterns.


The sapele wood combine with the pressed, crushed glass raised food prep bar to give the new kitchen a very modern look. Another unique feature the dropped soffit on the ceiling that mimics the shape of the bar.



Modern finished are the perfect finishing touch to bring the whole kitchen together. We are very pleased with the final product of this design. Look for a post soon on more from this home!

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