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The Three Bears Design a Custom Home

On a cold, wintry evening with little else to do in the large wood but seek shelter, a young bear family snuggled up together by a fire that they had made in their makeshift den. Oh, and as dens go, it was a good enough place; it stayed dry mostly, and kept out the wind, and just basically did what a den should do.

But there were problems. Oh my but were there problems.

Papa bear had just about had all he could take, because on top of his frustrations with their current living conditions, he had to hear from Mama Bear and Little Baby Bear as well. Complaining and discord was the order of the day at the home of the three bears, and they knew not what to do.

Papa Bear felt the weight of his family’s unhappiness growing larger and larger. “I don’t know how much more of this grumbling I can stand,” said Papa Bear in his big papa bear voice. “From you dear I hear constant complaints of the honey pantry not being close enough to the jar drawer, and from Baby Bear all I hear is a want for a place of his own.” Indeed the family had run out of room, and no ordinary house would do. It would have to be a house with character, a house with flair, it could be no cookie cutter house for an ordinary bear!

And with this thought in mind, the gears in Papa Bear’s head began to turn. They were a little sticky at first, what with the honey and all, but once they got going, Papa Bear knew he was on to something, but what? What was he thinking? Was it time to leave their cozy hollow tree and step up to an English Tudor? At last Papa Bear thought that was what they must do.

The next night at dinner was an exciting time, as Papa Bear pushed back from the table and said in his grumbly voice, “it’s time to build a new house.” Mama Bear and Baby Bear were beside themselves with excitement. They all began talking at once shouting ideas this way and that, and before too long Papa Bear realized that this was not going to be an easy job. “Let’s try to calm down and be rational bears,” said Papa Bear as he pulled out pencil and paper. “Let’s write down what we want in our new house.” And with that, Papa Bear began a list that went on, and on, and on, and on.

Hours later, when he was finished, he knew for sure not just any old house plan would do.

Later that night, after Baby Bear was nestled snug in his little bear bed, Mama and Papa bear began to talk. Papa Bear leaned back in his rocking chair, pipe in hand, and said,
“what am I thinking, Mama Bear? Am I out of my mind?” To which Mama Bear replied, “Papa Bear, you have always dreamed of a house to call our own. Now is the perfect time to do it, dear,” she said. “I have always dreamed of a spacious kitchen fit for the kind of bears we are, haven’t you?” she asked. She continued, “It’s just the right thing Papa Bear, We can grow into this house, and make it just the way we’ve always dreamed of.”

So the very next day Papa Bear set out into the wide world to try to find someone who could help him put his ideas on paper. He went to the market, and round the town square, and didn’t find anyone who could help him. He was very distraught, for Papa Bear had found many shops selling plans but none that were what he really wanted. And it occurred to him that perhaps he had been looking in the wrong place, that perhaps someone with visionary eyes could and would help his plan be conceptualized.

So Papa Bear started over with a new bit of hope; he would find someone who could make his house art. Papa Bear searched and searched, and finally found a company called Frusterio, who could help him make his ideas become real. He sat down and talked, he spoke and he spoke, and by the end of the meeting he was far more relaxed. He rushed home to tell Mama Bear the good news.

“Mama Bear,” Papa Bear exclaimed, “the kind folks at Frusterio knew just what we were talking about…they’re at work right now drawing up a plan, a plan that I know will just be grand. They asked lots of questions and took lots of notes, and sketched out a plan that was a perfect start. We’ll work with them for a couple of months, and our plans will be done! And then we can build that house that we want!”

They were so excited, it was hard to be patient, but they knew that for things to turn out just right it would take time. They, too, had saved up the money to make sure it was done right.

So, over the next few months, Mama Bear and Papa Bear and even Little Baby Bear thought of new ideas and new changes they wanted to make to the plans. They emailed and faxed and met face-to-face, working to create their own special place. Mama Bear and Papa Bear met with their consultant, and worked to make their perfect home.

Free from stress and worry, Mama Bear began working on new porridge recipes. Papa Bear was able to sit down in his big, hard chair and read the paper, and little Baby Bear sat in his baby bear chair waiting for the day when there would be more room to call home. Then, finally, after all was said and done, the bears had some plans for a house to call home. The people at Frusterio helped find them a builder and picked out some land, and before they knew the great day was at hand–the day they had dreamed of and waited for, yes, they had them a house that was simply the best!

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