Custom Home Design

We are concerned with YOUR vision…not ours. We listen to our clients and spend a great deal of time getting to know them and their lifestyle. Many of our clients set out to create the custom home they will spend the rest of their lives in. Other’s are looking to design a home that will work for five to ten years, while also being one of their biggest investments. You’d be surprised how many clients we’ve done three, even four homes for! So…

Inside Tips:

  • Have pictures of the lot, with dimensions if possible.
  • Bring clippings, websites, magazine articles, home sketches, etc. You can never bring too much… promise!
  • Make sure you are getting asked questions – a lot of questions. Ranging from style and past experience to how you live and what your quirks are.
  • Don’t make it about “cheap” plans. This is NOT the place you want to scrimp. A bad plan can cost you tens of thousands in wasted space and building issues.
  • Know your set backs. What are the building restrictions with the lot?
  • Do not buy a plan “online” without consulting with professionals. We can’t tell you how many plans purchased online end up in our office, never used by our clients!
  • Have at least three builders bid on your plans. Even if you know a builder, this is a fairly large undertaking and we tell our clients to approach it as a business deal.

Think of us as your “friend” in the housing business.