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Now this was a fun project. We love designing homes. We love meeting, working with and creating relationships with new clients. With this particular project, we got a two-for-one deal. I will try to make the back story as short as possible. Our firm was contacted by a young couple wanting to design a custom home on a piece of property they found after doing a Google earth search. Super cool spot nearly completely surrounded by water. After searching out the owner, they purchased the land and prepared to design for it accordingly. The couple’s parents wanted to move close to be near kids/grandkids. Long-story short, they couldn’t find anything they liked and discussed moving in with the kids. We had the pleasure of working with all four clients, designing a home that met the needs of both families. In our first consultation, the overall desire was a plan that avoided being “vanilla.” They wanted a contemporary exterior with an open floor plan, full of natural light. The end product resulted in a dual master-suite (one on the main and one on the second floor). Due to this setup, we designed a two-story rear covered porch, with balconies accessed by the second floor bedrooms. Due to heights, this will be added further along in the build. It is sure to be a showpiece of the home. Here are a few more pictures of the build at this point. It looks fairly massive now. It will soften once the wing walls, windows and other details are added. Hopefully “vanilla” will not be in the vocabulary of describing this home. Would love to know your thoughts on it so far!

Front approach view. See rendering above for proposed finished product. Will be a mixture of painted brick, natural stone and cedar shakes.

Basement-to-Second floor open staircase. Forgive my blurry white-knuckled hand. I was preparing in case of a slip.

Rear wall of Great Room and Dining Area opening to Two-Story covered porch.

View from second floor into vaulted Great Room.

Rear wall of house. Two-story porch to be added.

Thanks so much for taking to time to read! Have a great day!

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