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We were asked by a internet follower of ours, “How do you decide between two good builders?”

So we thought we’d answer this on our blog. Thanks for the question Andri.

Going to keep this short and sweet.

Key 1: Finished Product. Go and evaluate homes that have been built by the candidate. Try, if you can, to investigate homes that are the same caliber of the home you yourself are building. Some High-end finishes can require special expertise and seeing how the outcome can be the true deal sealer.

Key 2: Is the Pro a Pro? Go with the builder who has his business as much in line as his craftsmanship. Contracts, timelines, paperwork etc. should all be as smooth as your new granite countertops. A good builder is a businessman and it should feel like you’re getting a company, not a hobby.

Key 3: Rapport… is it there? If there isn’t open communication, if it isn’t easy to talk to and work with this person, then the first key better be pretty spectacular. This is going to take months, so liking and working well with the builder, thats paramount.

Key 4: Trust. If you get even the slightest feeling he/she is a snake, step on its head and…. I mean go with the other guy.

Key 5: Listen to the woman. At the end, if it’s all equal, which would be odd… listen to the instinct of the woman. Woman have great barometers when it comes to trusting men (whom builders often are, not always, but often). If the woman has a strong feeling, go with it.

You can visit our website and see a list of home builders that we trust. If you have anymore questions, you can email me at [email protected]

**** Update

We were talking in the office and one other thought came up. Pay attention to the response times before the deal is done. Those same response times translate to how long it will take said builder to get back with you during the project, if not… longer.

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  1. I would add two things.

    Pay attention to see if the contractor is listening to you, and your needs. Can he/she remember what you said over the phone, or during the last meeting? Can this person remember what they said last time?

    Second, is can this contractor show you a process for managing the entire team – design, build, and yes, the homeowner too – thru the entire project? I am not saying that the contractor will tell the homeowner what to do, but has he or she anticipated your questions, fears, concerns, needs? Does this contractor give you his/her direct line, or email? Will he/she manage neighbor relationships for trash, noise, vehicles, etc?

    Just some additional ideas that can help define professionalism.

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