Carriage Home Update - Frusterio Design

In recent years the rustic style has become very popular. The ability to incorporate older styled pieces and antiques into modern styles appeals to many. By featuring antique pieces, the owners feel connected to an older place in time. Natural and organic textures make a strong appearance in this style. Light colors and smooth surfaces mix well with these heavier textures to create great balance.

I am very excited to invite you back to this magnificent Carriage style home in Birmingham. Much progress has been made since our last visit to this home.

The entryway displays a delicate, uniquely patterned light fixture that brings out the blue in the ceiling.


The mixed wood inlay holds true to the rustic style of this home and acts as a great compliment to the Kentucky barn inspired doors.


The strong wooden steps accented by wrought iron handrails make this staircase a powerful focal point.


The antler light fixture above is the perfect eye catching piece that fits superbly with the style of the home.


The antique wooden doors and high end finishes bring modern elegance and old world style together wonderfully.


We hope you have enjoyed visiting this unique Carriage home. This home has so many incredible features, both inside and out. We love the perfect mix of modern and rustic that the owner was able to accomplish with the lovely floor plan we designed. Thank you for reading!


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