Bringing the Rustic Look Indoors - Frusterio Design

We often design homes and especially lake houses that are a rustic, cabin look. Everyone seems to love the look of stone, cedar shake, wood siding, and exposed beams. It is probably one of our most popular styles.

I believe that a home should be viewed as a whole, and that the interior must flow seamlessly with the exterior. When we design your plans, we take great care to make sure that the floor plan integrates with the entire look and feel of the house. We will specify exterior treatments, but the interior is mostly up to you.

If you pick a home with a rustic feel, here are some interesting and unique ideas to help you carry that look throughout your home.

This island from Richard Bubnowski Design is a less formal treatment of your typical island. The rich color of the wood and the matching surrounding cabinets give it a cabin feel while still looking very upscale and stylized.

This unique wooden tub from Madera Rondes is definitely rustic in feel. It is incredibly unusual, however its exquisite craftsmanships lends to its appeal.

While you have probably seen this look before, it is always a good idea to remind yourself of things that always work. When going for the rustic, cabin feel, you can never go wrong with a wood mantel on a stone fireplace. It is always appealing and this example from Mantel Arts Group is no exception.

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