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Sometimes when you tell the truth, it can be unpopular. However, when it comes to technology, sales and marketing, few builders are leading the way.

You can look at most builders websites and right there understand that lack of marketing acumen possessed in the industry. Now, don’t get me wrong, this isn’t across the board. There are some who get how to put salesmanship, marketing and emergent technologies; the problem is, it’s usually the big boys!

How does a small builder come back from an economy like this and compete with D.R. Horton, Toll Brothers and so on? While there are no simple fixes, coming with a fresh approach and helping the customer feel coddled through the process is going to be right up there with being able to get a loan.

The day of building average homes while sitting back and taking five offers on a home are over, at least for the foreseeable future.

So what could a small builder (1-10 homes a year) do to leverage the power of Social Marketing / Media?

First, believe it’s important and that change, while painful, can be lucrative. Then…

  1. Craft a clear message of who you are and what you bring to the table, but leave out the hype and jargon. Then place it on:
    1. Company Website
    2. Blogs
  2. Get involved in Social Networks, starting with the basics:
    1. FaceBook
    2. Linked In
    3. Local Online Networking Groups (Can also be used on Linked In)
  3. Once you have a message and a group to invite to hear it, use Social Media to get the invite out!
    1. Twitter
    2. Chat Platforms (Adium is a great way to link to multiple services)
    3. Targeted Email Blasts (Not Spam!!!!)
  4. Involve People
    1. In every possible digital arena, have a conversation. All of this is about conversation, not just interruption.
    2. Care about others as much as you care about yourself by being useful and acting as a resource.

If you’re in the Birmingham area, you can start by reaching out to these folks who get it!



Linked In:

Birmingham Business Owners Group
Search For Builders Groups in B’ham
Search for Design / Architect in B’ham


Create An Account, Then a Fan Page

And if you want to be absolutely insane about it, find a CRM that will help you track all fo this and make it a snap!

This isn’t a fad, it isn’t going to pass. This is the “flying car” my dad told me would be here when I was old enough to drive. The advancement came in information via the internet and now we’ve found out how to make it personal and relational.

This is the key to beating the big boxes!

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