About Us - Frusterio Design

Who We Are

We are an award-winning residential design firm founded by Chuck Frusterio with over 30 years of experience strategically conceptualizing floor plans and elevation designs. We have worked with homeowners and builders since 1982 and have established an aesthetic look and feel that our clients have simply termed “Frusterio Style of Architecture”.

Over the years we have designed thousands of homes across the South and Midwest states in the U.S. Our experience designing homes has afforded a unique understanding of both the process and the investment homeowners are making when building a home.

Frusterio Style

We have consistently worked diligently to stay on the forefront of home design trends. In the early 90’s we were one of the first residential design firms to introduce the open floor plan in our hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. Our approach has been a combination of both innovation and creativity while aiming towards timeless aesthetic appeal.

The style of our design is broad, yet much of our focus has been to integrate one or more elements of different home design styles to create a timeless and unique elevation. This is why you will find many of our Portfolio Plans have a transitional design style. In a way we create our own exterior look by uniquely bringing the best of architectural styles together.

The Difference

There are key differences that should be considered between working with our experienced residential design firm and purchasing a generic stock house plan from an online website.

  1. A smooth and enjoyable process. We take pride in working with our clients to ensure a smooth construction process. Regardless of whether it is a Portfolio House Plan, a modified Portfolio House Plan or a Custom Home Design, we work hard to make things as easy on the homeowner as possible.
  2. Faster and more efficient. We know our plans because we designed them, so we are able to work directly with builders to answer questions and make last minute adjustments quickly and efficiently.
  3. Trusted advocate. When building one of our home designs, our clients have an experienced team behind them as their advocate while constructing the home. Our clients can sleep soundly at night knowing that they are working with a trusted and experienced team with a proven track record of success.
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