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When thinking of southern architecture, it is almost impossible to avoid the front porch. Front porches have played an integral part of home design in the southern part of the country for many years.

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The front porch holds more than visual appeal. A front porch holds memories of early morning coffee, baby’s first steps, prom photographs, long talks with loved ones, laughing together, crying together and much more.

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We treasure our front porches. They bring us joy as we sit and watch our children play in the front yard. They bring us hope as we watch the sun rise at the start of the day. They bring us comfort when we have been away from home for a long time and finally return.

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Front porches bring beauty to a home, but more importantly they represent those who live within. They symbolize our southern pride, hospitality, and love for one another. Front porches bring communities together and invite neighbors to linger and get to know one another.

Southern Living

What does your front porch mean to you? What are some of your best memories you have made or hope to make with friends and family on your porch?

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