5 Easiest Ways to Change the Look of a Room - Frusterio Design

1: Paint – it’s relatively cheap and you can easily get a room done in less than a weekend. If you want a small change, try painting a different shade of the color you already have. Go darker for a more dramatic look, or lighter if your current color has gotten stuffy. If you want more of a change, try picking a different color in your scheme and painting the walls a shade of that color.

Painting tips to remember:

-If you have a dark color and want to go lighter, you have to prime. Consult your paint store for advice. Often they recommend priming in shades of gray or brown to complement the color you are painting the walls.

-Everything is MUCH brighter on the walls than it is on the color chip. This ESPECIALLY applies to yellow. Be careful or you’ll have big bird walls. Invest in a $5 sherwin williams sample pint.

2: Rearrange your furniture – Unless you have a very limited or unusual space, there is usually more than one way your furniture can be arranged. Simply moving a few pieces or creating a different focal point will change the feel of a room. In my home, I changed the layout of my den after 2 1/2 years of having it one way. As it turns out, the new layout actually looked better and I received many compliments.

3: New draperies – Chances are, if you’re tired of a room, that means it’s had its current look for a while. Draperies are quick to look dated, especially if you followed a specific trend (i.e. modern panels, or heavily ornamented layered valences). While having new draperies made sounds expensive, right now the minimal look is in. Simply having two panels made for a large window will update your room immensely. If you like formal, go for a silk panel with a trim. If you like a minimal neutral look, consider neutral colored linen panels with no trim.

4: De-Clutter – After a while, we all end up with one too many magazines stacked on the coffee table, 10 picture frames on the sofa table, and knick-knacks all around the bedroom that just end up making things looked cramped and messy. Go through the room and do some prioritizing. Take away a few frames and file away old magazines. Put away some of the knick-knacks. This will instantly make your room look like you thought about the decor. Instead of looking haphazard, it will look deliberate. And it usually makes a room look bigger as well.

5: New Lamps – Unless you have something really special, your lamps are probably not timeless….remember the heavy brass lamps popular in the 80’s? Think about purchasing new lamps to update your look. You don’t have to spend a fortune. I am the type that likes to change things around every few years, so I look around and find lamps for under $100 each. This way I can get tired of them after 2 or 3 years and not feel guilty. Surprisingly, Hobby Lobby and Home Goods are great places to find fun, inexpensive accent lamps. However, If you’ve got the money, then go for it. Lamps can really make or break a room.

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