5 Dream Closets - Frusterio Design

Happy Friday! To welcome the weekend today, I would like to share with you some of the most lavish and lovely closets Pinterest has to offer! Which one of these fits into your dream home design?

closet 1

The elegance of this master closet is only matched by the number of mirrors! The marble, neutral color pallet and abundance of storage make this the perfect dream house closet!

closet 2

No, this is not a department store! This is an enormous master closet complete with hollywood lights on the mirror and a spiral staircase.

Masculine Master Closet

I have never seen a closet so luxuriously masculine! The manly feel of this dream closet is perfect for any man’s dream home.

Minimalist dream closet

This closet is definitely the minimalists’ dream! Sleek lines, neutral colors and the use of a small amount of space make this the ideal closet for a minimalist lifestyle.

dream closet 4

This master is the perfect mix of practical and lavish. The gorgeous light fixtures, massive amounts of storage and lovely cabinetry make this perfect for anyone’s dream house.

I hope you have enjoyed our journey into some of the most lavish and elegant master closets Pinterest has to offer! Have a fantastic weekend!

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