5 Delicious Stove-free Recipes to Make while Your House is Being Renovated - Frusterio Design

Just because your home is being renovated, doesn’t mean you can’t make nutritious meals for your family!

Your kitchen is a complete disaster. Dust is everywhere, your stove is missing and your family is starving. You are getting that look from your kids that pleads with you not to order pizza for the zillionth time since the renovation began. What can you make without your stove, oven, or basic kitchen equipment?

I have compiled a list of 5 stove-free recipes to help you combat the pizza blues during your renovation.

Orange Sricha Grilled Chicken


This simple recipe requires a whisk, bowl and grill! It can be prepared the day before and marinate overnight. Get the full recipe at PlainChicken.com.

Rotisserie Chicken Salad


This simple recipe from Easy Peasy Pleasy, requires a store bought rotisserie chicken and a few simple ingredients diced up. This would make a great lunch or dinner!

Coffee and Molasses Pork Tenderloin


This easy and nutrient dense recipe requires chilled coffee, molasses, pork tenderloin, spices, a ziploc bag and grill! Get the details at Spiffy Eats & Giggle Water.

The Perfect Cheese Plate


The suite life designs gives you all the tips you need to create the perfect cheese plate. This would be a great option for a simple lunch! All you need is a cutting board, cheese, fruits and veggies and meats of choice!

Potato and Egg Salad Stuffed Smoked Salmon


The Daily Spud shares this beautiful recipe for potato salad and egg salad stuffed smoked salmon. They have a recipe for making your own egg and potato salad, I recommend simply buying your own from the deli department and mixing them together. This keeps the recipe simple and no need to cook a thing!



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