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As the days grow longer and the weather warms up, Summer is going to arrive before you know it. But, is your outdoor space ready for all that Summer will bring? Here are 3 must haves for creating the perfect outdoor space for you and your family.


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We all know that lighting can make or break the interior of our homes. The appropriate lighting will make a space feel inviting, comfortable and cozy. Your outdoor spaces are no different! When creating your unique outdoor space, be sure to choose high quality, appropriate accent lighting, in addition to your regular sconces or overhead lights. Solar lights are a perfect addition to walkways, saving on energy while still providing a charming accent to your outdoor paths. Well made citronella tikki torches are a fantastic idea for outdoor spaces where you may have gatherings or spend large amounts of time. They provide a soft glow while keeping those pesky mosquitoes at bay! Twinkle lights are no longer just for the holidays! Twinkle lights have grown in popularity the last few years and are a great touch to your outdoor space. They provide a whimsical look and gentle illumination.


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Comfortable seating is an absolute must when creating your ideal outdoor space. Depending on the style of your home, you will have many options. Lake homes, for instance will usually feature outdoor furniture made of wood and natural materials. While a cottage home may feature wrought iron furniture with cozy pillows attached. Southern homes frequently feature hand crafted front porch swings made to enjoy long sits outdoors. Allow your imagination to run wild, and choose the furniture that appeals to you. But, always make sure it is made with high quality materials and that the pieces are comfortable. Those two factors will ensure long life and frequent use.


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Many homes have started to feature more extravagant entertainment pieces in their outdoor living areas. Everything from kitchens, televisions, elegant fireplaces and hot tubs are becoming more and more common. Each family’s entertainment needs will be different. Families with small children may opt for fun tree houses, swimming pools, or sand boxes, while couples may choose an elegant outdoor kitchen and bar or high tech theater for entertaining. No matter what your choice, always choose the piece that will bring the most joy and fun to your family.

The more suited to your specific family each piece of lighting, furniture and entertainment are, the easier it will be to get the whole family enjoying your  fantastic outdoor space. Whether you choose more traditional pieces or create something completely new, always stay true to your style preferences and you will have the best outdoor Summer space imaginable!

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